We are in a time where data is helping us visualize issues that used to be just concepts, such as environmental and social issues. But our approach to those problems is getting repetitive, so I took a different perspective. I believe that all these problems are linked with how we make value decisions, and that is what this project is about; questioning the oversimplification of the value system of modern days through the lenses of fashion, bank notes, and powers structures. 


After asking around one hundred people "If your house was on fire, what would you save, and why?" and cross-referencing the answers with the typology of value theory from Holbrook, I visualised the relationship we have with value. I observed that most people are more impacted by societal values (other-oriented) than intrinsic material values (self-oriented). So I noticed that the concept of Fashion has in its nature an other-oriented type of value, but fashion objects are not following this trend creating a dissonance on how we value Fashion, resulting in undervaluation of the products, supply-chain and stakeholders.





After researching economics and value systems, and understanding the level of conceptualization involved in the topic, I chose to work with a material that would be intriguing enough to have people asking the same type of questions as I. Can we rethink what value is? Should we let money lead the conversation regarding our values? What are the things we consider when we evaluate something? 


So I used banknotes to tell the story of how society is capable of overvaluing representations and undervaluing people, materials, and labour. I used shredded dollars that were taken out of circulation and uncut money to create textiles and play with the idea of creation, distortion and recreation of value. 


An issue can only be understood and possibly solved when people are talking about it, and that is why this project was made. By asking questions and understanding problems, I created a social channel as a mean to allow people to join in, and realise that we are able to think and act creatively upon information and problems.  

@_showmeyourpapers was featured in Fashionista with some of the top Fashion Design Parsons Grads of 2019


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