Society is currently facing various social and environmental challenges. Although We live in a time where data is helping us visualize complex problems, which is great, I think it is also leading to oversimplify those same challenges. So I took a different route and tried to embrace the complexities of the main challenges the fashion industry is facing. I believe that the exploitation of resources and workers and the disposability aspect of modern clothing, are linked to what we value. So this project is about looking into contemporary value systems through the lenses of fashion, money, and power structures. 



Starting with a simple question — "If your house was on fire, what would you save, and why? —  I talked with around 100 people across the world. Once I gathered the answers to the question, I visualized them while cross-referencing them with Holbrook's Typology of Consumer Values. After identifying that people are more affected by other-oriented values, meaning things that hold value beyond their designated function, I questioned how we might create objects that have a more other-oriented value? And how we can design value into goods to reduce the disposability culture of current times.





After researching economics and value systems, and understanding the level of conceptualization involved in the topic, I chose to work with a material that would be intriguing enough to have people asking the same type of questions as I. Can we rethink what value is? Should we let money lead the conversation regarding our values? What are the things we consider when we evaluate something? 


So I used banknotes to tell the story of how society is capable of overvaluing representations and undervaluing people, materials, and labour. I used shredded dollars that were taken out of circulation and uncut money to create textiles and play with the idea of creation, distortion and recreation of value. 


Complex issues are not easily solved. But to take the first steps into solving these issues, we should investigate, understand, and debate them. That is why this project was made. I believe that we will only be able to solve complex problems if we built a collective effort. To start building this collective effort, I created a social channel to open the conversations to whoever is interesting in joining.  

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