As a multidisciplinary designer with a background in fashion, psychology

and creative entrepreneurship, Jaadi believes that holistic approaches

are most needed. Her goal is to find creative, sustainable, and

human-centred solutions for the production and consumption systems.

In the past year, her research has been in the intersection of design,

psychology, and science. She got a grant to visit Aalto University

and the Ioncell project awarded by the H&M Global awards. She also

participated in the latest UNLEASH Innovation Lab that gathers one

a thousand global talents to find solutions for the UN Sustainable Development

Goals where her team won Gold on Sustainable Consumption and

Production track.

Jaadi deeply believes in the outstanding potential of crossing various

cultures, competences, and ways of thinking, as the best way to

solve problems. Her latest project is an invitation for all of us to

rethink our value systems and challenge existing power structures

through a social movement/open think tank.


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